Herb Bouquets: Scallions, Basil, Flat-leaf Parsley & Cilantro

These days my kitchen windowsill real estate is very popular. Right now bouquets of scallions, basil, flat-leaf parsley and cilantro are hanging out and reminding me to use more fresh herbs in my cooking.

Kids in the Kitchen: De-ribbing Kale

My youngest at 2, is always interested in what I am doing - just like her older siblings were at the same age. But since things tend to be hectic with three kids, I often forget to give her opportunities to work alongside me. Can I tell you, her face just lit up when I offered her the chance to de-rib kale leaves with me so that we could bake kale chips.

The Ugly Last Waffle

I am not one of those people that can portion batter to have enough at the end to fill an entire waffle well. So my last waffle is always ugly.

Bacon with Yogurt? Yes indeed.

Did I really put bacon in my morning yogurt bowl? Yes I did.

Craft Reality: Sock Bunny

I discovered this cute craft on SweetPaul and gave it a try. It didn’t quite turn out as expected.

Fine Motor Activity: Exploring a Wallet

Want a super simple fine motor skills activity for your toddler? Ever notice that your child always wants to rifle through your wallet? Well, grab an unused wallet, fill it with old cards and offer it to your toddler. Finally, the forbidden wallet-fruit is in her grasp and she will be exercising her fine motor skills.

Reading Recommendation: Fantasy Chapter Book Series

I’ve mentioned it many times but my eldest daughter is a voracious reader and these days she is particularly enamored with fantastical stories. Perhaps your kids are looking for magical reading? If so, here are some great titles.

Kids Activity: Keeping a Journal

I wish I coude Fly / It Seems fun to Be a Berd and Fly In the Sky / I wish I coude Fly / not like in an airplane not in in a Hot air Balloon / like I have wings that Flap in the Sky / I wish I coude Fly

Pinterest Inspiration: Ice Cream Recipes

Ice cream! So many choices: classic scoop, popsicle, bar, bonbon, cone, sandwich, cake and cookie. And don’t short-change yummy sorbet. So peruse these 90+ recipes for a delightful cool treat.

Recommended Essential Gear for Diapering & Toileting

We are toilet-training our third child which of course requires some amount of gear as well as (mental) preparation. Here are my recommendations for all the stuff you need, as well as a link back to my potty-trained at 2 guide.

Kids Craft: Shell & Bead Necklace

Summertime means beach-combing. What to do with all the treasures we’ve discovered on the sands? With just a little wire and a few beads your child can create an enchanting and whimsical necklace.

Kids Activity: Paint your own Tshirts

A perennial favorite activity for kids of all ages - create your own tshirt. This time around we’re using old-fashioned fabric markers and fabric crayons, though these new crayons have a beautiful oil pastel consistency and application. I love the contrast between the soft edge of the crayon and the hard edges of the marker. Simply follow the instructions on the packages and the kids will be able to wear their creativity.

Pinterest Inspiration: Salad Recipes

Summer is the time for salad. Whether you’re feelin’ fruity, grainy or greeny - I’ve compiled a great board of over 40 hearty & delicate salad recipes perfect for the warm weather.

Places: Volunteer Park

My eldest daughter enjoyed a week of SAM (Seattle Art Museum) camp, held at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Moreover, we all had so much fun exploring Volunteer Park. From the pond with resident ducks & ducklings to the huge climbing trees, from the dahlia garden to the trails, from the thoughtfully designed playground to the wading pool (with ice cream truck) there was plenty to keep us occupied during camp with my younger ones and after with all three of the kids.

Second Time Around: Practicing the Alphabet (Free Download)

Over 90 pages of phonics worksheets which you can customize & print.