Kids Craft: Shoebox Diorama

A shoebox, paper, glue/scotch tape, crayons/markers/colored pencils, string, scissors and most importantly IMAGINATION create “Sweets Land”. Set out an old shoebox and populate it with one whimsical figure, leave it out for your child to discover and see what papery shenanigans commence.

Kitchen Gear: Dehydrator, Fruit

My kids love fresh fruit of course but they also enjoy snacking on dried fruit as well. Buying high quality, organic dried fruit is very easy these days but dehydrating peak of the season fruit from the farmer’s market at home allows you to control the level of dehydration and more importantly, create the most delicious dried fruit ever.

S.T.E.M. Toy Recommendation: Straws & Connectors, etc.

Who looks happier? My daughter after completing this project or Elmo ridin’ stylish in his jet plane. Such a simple concept - straws & connectors with so many imaginative possibilities.

Recipe Reality: Gluten-free Blueberry Muffins

Gluten has been getting a bad rap as of late. And though I don’t believe, we will be cutting out gluten entirely from our diets any time soon I have been trying to introduce more gluten-free food items into my recipe arsenal. This recipe for gluten-free muffins is a Bob’s Red Mill Recipe featuring their 1 to 1 Gluten & Dairy Free baking flour.

Kids (and Grownups) Love a Blanket Fort

What kid doesn’t love a blanket fort? And for that matter what grownup wouldn’t want to sneak in a little fort time for themselves?

Sewing School: Blanket Buddy Pocket

Do you have a child that naps at school or daycare? This quick, 5 minute sewing project ensures that a beloved stuffie/lovey will not be separated from your child’s napping blanket.

amidst the rubble, a roller coaster gem

This is why I love having legos readily available in our workroom. Because you walk into the room and find some mini-fig firefighters having the time of their lives on a roller coaster. Woooooooooo!

Kids Activity: Painting at the Easel

Painting at an easel for a child can be very liberating. Not only is it comfortable for the child but it promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Tshirt Headband

At the beginning of September, we are flush with new camp tshirts collected over the summer months which often makes last season’s camp shirts redundant or simply out-grown. So why not recycle those tshirts (or any old tshirt) into a pretty headband (bracelet, bow tie, necklace, pony-tail holder, infinity scarf, etc.)

Herb Bouquets: Scallions, Basil, Flat-leaf Parsley & Cilantro

These days my kitchen windowsill real estate is very popular. Right now bouquets of scallions, basil, flat-leaf parsley and cilantro are hanging out and reminding me to use more fresh herbs in my cooking.

Kids in the Kitchen: De-ribbing Kale

My youngest at 2, is always interested in what I am doing - just like her older siblings were at the same age. But since things tend to be hectic with three kids, I often forget to give her opportunities to work alongside me. Can I tell you, her face just lit up when I offered her the chance to de-rib kale leaves with me so that we could bake kale chips.

The Ugly Last Waffle

I am not one of those people that can portion batter to have enough at the end to fill an entire waffle well. So my last waffle is always ugly.

Bacon with Yogurt? Yes indeed.

Did I really put bacon in my morning yogurt bowl? Yes I did.

Craft Reality: Sock Bunny

I discovered this cute craft on SweetPaul and gave it a try. It didn’t quite turn out as expected.

Fine Motor Activity: Exploring a Wallet

Want a super simple fine motor skills activity for your toddler? Ever notice that your child always wants to rifle through your wallet? Well, grab an unused wallet, fill it with old cards and offer it to your toddler. Finally, the forbidden wallet-fruit is in her grasp and she will be exercising her fine motor skills.