Sewing School: Infinity Cowl

What do you get when you sew two long rectangular pieces of fabric back to back? A long tube. What do you get if you sew the long tube into a loop? A super adorable, reversible infinity cowl.

Repurpose: Recycled Magazine Tiara

Whether you have stacks of cooking or home décor magazines, clothing catalogs or gossip weeklies, recycling pages from those periodicals into something beautiful is not only eco-friendly but very craft-craving satisfying.

2017 March Target Finds

A Target store recently opened nearby us and I’ve rediscovered the store as a great place to discover cute and affordable home wares, clothing and toys. Here are some items I’ve curated from various departments online.

Splurge: From string art to wax modeling clay

A second installment of my recommendations for a few arts and crafts splurges. Craft-tastic String Art Kit Adjustable Desk Box Easel Stainless Steel Drawing Ruler Painting Stencils Floral Pattern Round Wooden Decora 15 Colors Crafts Ink Pads Stockmar Modeling Beeswax ...

Free Printable: Post-Valentine's Day Valentines

So I received a somewhat random email from my high school alma mater which contained a list of valentine’s day sentiments written by 6th graders. I picked a few out and turned them into cards. Because why contain Valentine’s day sentiments to only one day of the year.

Repurpose: Creating with "Junk"

Why is my garage full of milk cartons? Empty tea tins? Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls? Styrofoam trays? Cardboard boxes galore? Packing materials? Painters tape, duct tape, electrical tape, shipping tape, scotch tape? Gift boxes and leftover craft supplies? So that my kids can tinker and create.

Cameras in Small Hands

We recently took a trip to the San Francisco Zoo and as we have been doing for the past few years, our eldest two kids (8 & 5 years old) brought along a camera and a camcorder. These are perhaps the “best” images of the bunch but the process of taking the photos and videos is more important than the end results. They are training their artistic eye, practicing their focus and concentration and learning by trial and error how to manipulate these devices.

Free Printable: End of Season Athletics Certificates

The indoor soccer season is drawing to a close for my son and as my husband has been the team coach we are prepping for the last game and a mini-ceremony to celebrate the kids’ hard work and improvement over the last 8 weeks. I created certificates for my husband to hand out to the kids. You can download the template to customize for your personal use. I’ve included soccer, basketball, baseball, football, tennis and volleyball. Enjoy!

Iterate: Workroom Shelves

I think organization requires iteration, witness my (slightly obsessive) reorganization of the kids’ workroom shelves. Can you spot the changes from my most recent organization?

Colored Sand Painting

My children were quite obsessed with this art project. “Painting” with colored sand captivated their attention for almost 3 straight hours. And the work they produced was beautiful, interesting and smile-inducing.

Activity Gallery - Makeup Free Toddler Selfies

I know makeup-free selfies are very popular. Consider these photos “makeup-free” toddler selfies. No re-touching, taken on the fly with my smartphone and chronicling the day-to-day grind of my 2 year old.

Dirty Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tulips for days

Sometimes flowers are just what you need to dispel the gloom and tulips are one of my favorite flowers, not only for their beauty, their affordability and the way they change from day to day.

Two Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Toddler attention spans can vary a great deal from child to child, so I cannot guarantee that these two activities will occupy your toddler for hours at a time but I will say that for the few or many minutes she is engaged in these activities, she will be exercising something very important - fine motor skills.

Origami Blossom Heart Valentines

Want a simple but beautiful papercrafted valentine’s day card? These origami blossom hearts are pretty to give out individually but also are cute decorations for folded and flat cards.