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In college I concentrated in the interdisciplinary field of Social Studies. And after earning a master’s degree in East Asian Regional Studies and getting married, I began a doctoral program in History and Anthropology.

After completing my coursework, teaching responsibilities and general exams, my PhD program was interrupted by the birth of my daughter. After experiencing the joy and satisfaction of staying home to be her primary caretaker, I made the decision that for the time being, I would focus on my growing family rather than return to academia.

It has been several years now since that change in course and my journey has included the birth of two more children. Now with our first house to manage, I have redirected my efforts to cultivate my family and thrive as a stay-at-home mom.

This has included cooking three meals a day most days of the week, becoming increasingly handy around the house, broadening my creative repertoire to include projects like hand-sewn Halloween costumes and butterfly glueing paper work, enlightening myself about traditional and progressive research concerning child development and education, finding moments to be frivolous and selfish, as well as carving out time for my husband and extended family and friends.