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Bunk Bed for the Kids (Our first Ikea Furniture Customization)

Our Christmas gift to our two older children was a new bunk bed for their shared room. We researched many options for bunk beds. Eventually, we realized there were two routes for us to take - extremely expensive & stylish or more affordable & basic.

Parker Pottery Barn Bunk Bed Perch Bunk Bed Uptown Bunk Bed


Stork Craft Bunk Bed Mission Bunk Bed Mainstays Bunk Bed


Because we don’t know how long the kids will be rooming together we didn’t feel it wise to invest too much money in the bed. At the same time we wanted an all wood bunk bed with a streamlined look which would match the existing pieces in the room without overwhelming the space. Since we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted in our price range, we decided to customize the Ikea Mydal bunk bed.

Mydal Ikea Bunk Bed Bunk Bed



  • Cut approximately 5 inches off the legs to drop the bed down for increased safety
  • Poach 2 foot board slats to create a ladder at the end of the bed
  • Replace the two cut-out rails (which were originally intended to create an opening for the side ladder) with full-length rails of matching knotty pine
  • Paint white, two coats

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