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Colored Sand Painting

My children were quite obsessed with this art project.

“Painting” with colored sand captivated their attention for almost 3 straight hours.

And the work they produced was beautiful, interesting and smile-inducing.



A few months back, the kids and I had made colored sand bottles, where you layer colored sand on top of each other. And though it was a fun activity, once you’ve made the bottles and admired the pretty patterned layers there’s not much to do with the bottles thereafter. 

I brought out one of the colored sand bottles, glue, cardstock and trays to put the sand to a new use.

My daughter chose to use a brush to paint the glue onto the cardstock for more detailed and controlled painting, whereas my son did more abstract and free-form painting straight from the bottle. After painting a design with the glue, we placed the paper into the deep tray and sprinkled the colored sand over the glue, gently shaking the tray to make sure the sand covered all the glue. We then set the painting aside to dry.

Though my kids have their favorites, I placed the onces I found especially enchanting on m y kitchen windowsill.

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