Craft Reality: Sock Bunny

I discovered this cute craft on SweetPaul and gave it a try.

It didn’t quite turn out as expected.

So partly, I didn’t stick to the script. I didn’t have any spare leather nor matching buttons/beads to the original craft.

That said I did have spare socks (my husbands old winter dress socks), needle, thread and stuffing.

So, first mistake, I should have used a shorter sock. Instead of plump, my bunny turned out gangly and needed a lot of limb-trimming. And rather than standup ears, she turned out to be a flop-ear bunny. For some reason, when I stuffed my bunny with as much stuffing as the original craft, it looked like a body-builder bunny, so I went a little light on the stuffing. 

So overall, my bunny not as pretty as the original but I think a little more cuddly (And able to withstand more stains due to coloring). And my kids are already snuggling up with it.

When I try this craft again, I think I’ll still opt for a flop-ear bunny but I will attach the ears and arms as suggested by sewing buttons as stops. And I’m going to invest in beads/buttons more similar to the original.

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