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DIY Leg Warmers for the entire family

A pair of my husband’s dress socks were wearing thin in the heels so I converted them into leg warmers for my toddler. And you can do the same with any new or old pair of socks for your kids or yourself.


  • pair of socks
  • scissors
  • needle & thread


Cut out the heel and toe sections of the socks, Step 1 Fold the foot section in half, Step 2 Slip folded foot section onto the leg section with all raw edges lined up at the bottom, Step 3

Stitch raw edges together with overcast stitch, Step 4 fold down cuff and repeat with second sock


  • adult socks are the right size to convert to leg warmers for babies and toddlers
  • for leg warmers that will fit older children or adults, use knee-high socks in a size larger than the size you normally wear and if you want a more slouchy fit, size even larger
  • for extra long leg warmers, try thigh-high socks.

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