DIY Photographic Puzzle

Photo Puzzle

Just as my eldest went through a period of intense work with puzzles, my son just three has become very engaged with puzzles. We have many different types of store-bought as well as hand-me-down puzzles in our home but I wanted to try my hand at creating one myself.

Using 22 blocks from our 100 block Fundera building block set ($9.99) I created a simple personalized photo puzzle. And though it didn’t have the symmetry I was aiming for, it was I think a respectful first go.


Blocks Aligned Photo Puzzle Strips


  • Print an 8x11 photo
    • Directions are for a landscape orientation, with an upper and lower border and no border on left and right
    • Once I began cutting, I was using the blocks as a guide rather than taking measurements - this resulted in a slightly wider cut which resulted in a small right-hand border
    • For a portrait orientation, adjust as necessary
  • Carefully line up two rows of 11 blocks
    • Measure entire row width, 10 3/8 inches
    • Measure individual block width, 5/16 inches
  • Cut down the photo so that the photo width matches the block row width making sure to make cuts on the picture side of the photo
    • If you cut on the backside of the photo the ink may feather - evidence you can see in the lower left corner blocks of my puzzle
  • Cut the photo in half on its horizontal axis
  • Cut each half into vertical strips which measure the width of a single block
    • Either make individual measurements or use the measures on your trimmer
  • Cover the back of each photo strip with a thin wash of glue, using a brush can be helpful
    • Place a strip onto a block, leaving either an upper or lower border depending on which half of the photo you are gluing
  • Place a heavy book over the photo blocks to allow the glue to dry and bond


  • The thinner (lighter weight) the photo paper you use, the sharper the cut edges will be
    • My matte paper was of a heavier weight so my edges were a little fuzzy
  • Depending on the kind of glue you use, if it is water soluble you could easily remove the photo and attach a different photo
  • If you don’t have access to Fundera blocks, something like wood construction boards  would also work or thift-store jenga blocks
  • To increase the challenge:
    • Make a double-sided puzzle with a different photographic image on the back of the blocks
    • Cut the blocks into smaller pieces or cut the blocks into irregular shapes
    • Try using Glossy photo paper  for a different effect

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