Dol/First Birthday Celebration: Invitation, Craft & Party Favors

In Korean culture, a child’s first birthday or Dol Birthday is the second of three particularly significant birthday milestones.  

The first is 100 days old and the third is 60 years old.

Though we are many years from her 60th birthday party, for my daughter’s 100 days party, I threw a simple brunch with cinnamon rolls, sausage, casserole, fruit, make-your-own waffles and lemon curd & strawberry pound cake trifle.

For her first/dol birthday party (and the last first/dol birthday party I will be throwing, since she is our final baby) I wanted to keep the theme close to her heart or more precisely her stomach since she loves to eat. 

The invitation to the party was a fun collage of pictures and cheeky comments.

The kids’ craft was a simple sticker-decorated table-top frame.

And the party favor (seen above) was a mason jar filled with pancake mix (adapted from my favorite buttermilk pancake recipe ), tagged with a recipe, dried bay leaves from our garden and a dark chocolate bar wrapped in a party-appropriate wrapper.


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