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Home Memory Game (Free Download)

Carson Ellis’ book, Home , is a whimsical journey through many different abodes.

Inspired by the book, I created a home-inspired memory game for the kids to personalize and play.

Page A Page B Page C Page D


  • download templates: home-memory-game-jm.pdf
  • using cardstock, print 4 copies of Page A, re-feed the printer with the 4 sheets and on the blank sides print 2 copies of Page B and 2 copies of Page C
  • print Page D and have your child draw her own homes, making sure that she makes two of each, then feed this sheet into the printer and print Page A onto the blank side
  • cut cards out turn cards down so that the only the simple house outline sides are showing
  • flip two cards over, looking for a match, repeat

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