Inspired by Amelia Earhart - Cardboard Airplane (Free Download)

We checked out the book I Am Amelia Earhart from the library and my kids were so inspired that they wanted to create their own airplanes. The perfect medium for this project - cardboard boxes.

My son (3) named his Canary after Amelia’s first plane and  my daughter (5) christened her’s Rainbow

My son didn’t have much patience for painting but he has loved “flying” around the house in his airplane.

My daughter painted the entire plane herself and even created a control panel for her the console and also enjoys playing with the plane, even taking her dolls along for the ride.

Need for one airplane

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D


  • Tape bottom of one box on the outside and inside
  • Bend one short top flap into the interior of the box for the console, Figure A
    • Bend the other short flap out to serve as the base of the tail of the plane and taper
  • Bend the two long top flaps out for the base of the wings and taper
  • Using the second box cut out the propeller, wings, tail upright and tail fins
    • Download template for shape guides
  • Tape wings onto flaps, Figure C
  • Tape tail upright onto the tail flap so it stands at a 90 degree angle, Figure B
  • Tape tail fins onto underside of tail flap, Figure B
  • Set down drop cloth and place plane and propeller onto cloth
    • Paint plane and propeller, let dry
  • Poke hole into center of propeller and into front panel of plane where you would  like to place the propeller
  • Using a thick ribbon, thread through the hole in the propeller and knot on the side facing outwards
    • Thread the remaining end of the ribbon through the hole in the plane and knot on the inside of the plane,under the console
  • Create control panel components for console, Figure D



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