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Keep Calm & Kick On (FREE Download)

Football (soccer) is a huge part of our lives. All three of  my kids play the sport. Whether they are on the pitch, scooting around indoor or doing controlled footwork at futsal, encouragement and positive reinforcement is very important.

So I created a KEEP CALM AND KICK ON poster.

Is basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, American football, bowling or golf more your speed? No worries, I’ve got posters for those as well. All for your free download and customization. 

Have a different verb you’d like to insert into the poster? One download is for the raw powerpoint file so you can customize as you like. Or download the pdf for the finished versions you see here.

RAW POWERPOINT FILEkeep-calm-soccer-on-junemee.pptx

PDF FILEkeep-calm-soccer-on-junemee.pdf