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Lego Jungle 5th Birthday Party - Part I

My son loves to have mash-up themed birthday parties.

And this year for the big 0-5, he said LEGO JUNGLE. The party is in just a couple days so I thought I would share my party preparations thus far.

So here are the ways I’ve incorporated the theme into the decorations, party favors, food choices, invitation, etc.

For the invitation we built a lego jungle (of course) with legos and toob animals and then I simply photographed him playing. I used the photo as the background to all the invitation details. 

For house decorations, we strung green & zebra print streamers across archways and above the buffet area. I also strung streamers across the area behind the activity/cake table where we will be singing Happy Birthday and probably taking the most photos.

In addition to streamers there, I also hung up a poster of his first initial made out of legos. As well as a poster of a birthday lego boy who has a surprising resemblance to my son. Also for decoration we have a poster of a lego jungle and the number 5 in both numeral form as well as “jungle” slash form.

In the party favor bags, I’ve included small lego mini-fig templates for the kids to create their own paper lego mini-figs as well as jungle animal stickers , some cookies, turkish delights , and glow sticks .

I usually host parties during brunch but this time we decided to do more of an afternoon party. So the menu is full of small plates. There will be jungle chili (served in a slow cooker) with chips, humus & pita crackers, a charcuterie & cheese plate with bread, crackers, olives & cornichons, fresh fruit & vegetable crudite, three flavors of cashews, potato chips & cookies.

I’m working on a birthday crown and will share that and pictures of the party in my next post.