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Organizing: Shared Kids' Closet

There is something invigorating about reorganizing and doing it periodically gives you an opportunity to cull unnecessary items and make things more accessible.

Over this long weekend I tackled several closets in our house.

The first was the bedroom closet which my eldest daughter and son share.

For the longest time I had doubled the hanging space by using tension rods below the existing rods on either side of the closet. Recently, the children have been engaged in costume-play so I decided to move all the costumes to the upper rod above my daughter’s everyday clothes so they are more visible. 

I also used 3M Command hooks to hang up costume accessories on the bare wall. These hooks are removable and so ideal for a kid’s closet as her needs will change as she ages.

Since the closet is in the corner, it is difficult to take a photo of the opposite side but it is similarly arranged with my son’s everyday clothes on the bottom tension rod with out of season clothes for both children on the upper rod.

For a while, I had used a foldable bookshelf which my husband has had since college along with canvas drawer and bins  to hold clothes and accessories. This worked fine but often the kids had to remove the drawers completely to get at their clothes which resulted in clothes spilled onto the floor.

Then we were received the angled  storage bins , a neighborhood hand-me-down, which are intended to be used for toys. I repurposed the folding bookshelf for the craft closet and the drawers and bins for the linen closet and started using the angled storage bins for the kids clothes. They work beautifully for holding underwear, socks, scarves & hats, leggings, tshirts, pjs, play blankets, costume capes and tutus.

Since both my older children (5 & 3) pick out their own clothes and put away their laundry it is important that everything is accessible to them. There is also a stool in the closet to help them reach things on the upper rods.

I had originally had two of the bins purposed for holding accessories like jewelry, headbands, sunglasses and masks. But usually this resulted in a tangle. So after hanging up the masks and mustaches on the wall I moved the other accessories to a hanging storage caddy  which had been in storage. This I tacked onto the wall behind the door to the bedroom. Since the door is generally open unless the kids are sleep the caddy is out of sight but always accessible.

I also moved the barrette hanger (which I sewed from felt & ribbon) from the bathroom to the closet so it is at eye-level for my daughter should she decide to coordinate with her outfit.

My daughter’s pants are hung from their cuffs on skirt clip hangers and my son’s pants are hung folded over hangers since he has not yet mastered the clips.

Above the clothes are shelves which are stocked with toys out of play rotation.







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