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Pet Rocks

Bumble Bee Pet Rock

These critters were the craft at my daughter’s 4th birthday party. In the days leading up to the event, she and I spent time creating examples and she was truly charmed by this simple project as were all the children on the day of the celebration. My 1yr old son did not have the dexterity to make the animals but he spent days after the party loading and unloading them into his trucks and making magnatile homes for them with his sister.

More Pet RocksMy 4 yr old daughter’s snail, bumble bee, hedgehog & ladybug

More Pet RocksLadybug, squid, fish, turtle & log with lily pad


  • Find smooth small rocks in your garden preferably with one flat side, wash and dry them
  • Use pens to draw appropriate markings on the rocks to resemble different animals
    • Butterflies, fish, turtles, ladybugs, snails, bumble bees, bunnies
  • Cut shapes out of construction paper for antennae, fins, heads, tails, etc.
  • Glue paper shapes, pom poms and yarn onto rocks where appropriate

Even More Pet RocksLeft: my snail & turtle, Right: my 4 yr old daughter’s snail & turtle


  • Have your child create a home for their new pet with blocks
  • Place one or two pet rocks onto the surface soil of potted plants for a whimsical decoration

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