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Play Cash Register (Free Download)

Play Cash Register I am always looking for ways to make math engaging and concrete. I bought this play cash register  and created play money, a tally sheet and grocery food price cards. My five year old daughter will go shopping then fill out her tally sheet to ring up her purchase. She is practicing her writing as well as math. And since the register is solar powered, after she has finalized her sheet she can use the calculator to check that her calculation is correct.

Play Cash Register Tally

For my two year old son, he enjoys looking at the cards and identifying the foods and the prices associated with them, practicing his number recognition. He and his sister will role-play with each other and go grocery shopping.

Food card template 1 Play cash register tally sheet template Play money template Food card template 2


  • Print out Play Money Template on card stock/photo paper
    • Cut out bills
    • Write “not legal tender” on the reverse side
  • Print out Tally Sheet Template on printer paper
  • Print out Food Cards on photo paper
    • Cut out cards and laminate
  • Give the child a stack of play money
  • Present the cards on a table and ask the child to “go shopping”
  • The child can then fill out the tally sheet and pay the appropriate money to purchase her groceries


  • Instead of a play cash register, use an old-fashioned calculator and small box or basket to hold the food cards and money
  • You do not need to laminate the cards but they will stand up to more use if laminated
  • Ask your younger child to use the cards to match the images with real food or play food
  • With two children, one can play the store-keeper and the other can be the customer
  • Add in other cards, such as clothing items, books, craft supplies, etc.


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