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Reindeer Night Light Craft

The winter holiday season is a time of light and merriment. And for many families, it is a time to await the stomping hooves of reindeer on the roof. If that is the case for your family, this faux candle reindeer night light craft will be a beautiful addition to your holiday decorations.

Not only can you add a herd of reindeer but you can also adapt this craft for snowflakes, snowmen, evergreen trees, wreaths and any number of other winter symbols and images.

Unfortunately, this night light is much prettier in person than the photos as my night-vision photography is somewhat lacking.



STÖPEN LED tealight, battery operated white PLATTBOJ Lithium battery Reindeer Night Light Template Scotch Transparent Tape Fiskars 5 Inch Micro-Tip Scissors

You can print out the template (reindeer-night-light-templates.pdf ) onto construction paper, cardstock or even plain printer paper. The more opaque and thicker the paper, the more distinct the reindeer image will be once lit.

Cut all the way across the long horizontal.

Then using scissors or an x-acto knife, cut out the reindeer shape.

Fold along the vertical lines and form a triangular tube, overlapping the ends a little and scotch tape along seam. (I just ran out of scotch tape! but ideally the tape should run the entire length of the seam.) 

Place the tube upside-down onto the long horizontal scrap piece of paper you have and trace the end triangle-shape with a pencil. Cut this shape out and glue to the top of the tube, so the night light has a roof.

Place a LED tealight inside the tube and glow away!

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