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Repurpose: Creating with "Junk"

Why is my garage full of milk cartons? Empty tea tins? Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls? Styrofoam trays? Cardboard and gift boxes galore? Packing materials? Painters tape, duct tape, electrical tape, shipping tape, scotch tape? Tissue paper, craft paper, scrap paper? 

So that my kids can tinker and create with “unconventional” materials. So that my kids can understand that reusing and recycling materials can not only be fun but productive as well.

So next time you want to recycle that shoebox or throw away those take-out containers why not save them in a box or bag. Bring them out for your child and present the box/bag as a creating with unusual materials kit.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft - Crown DIY Leg Warmers for the entire family Layered Paper Collage Craft Kids Craft: Shoebox Diorama Papered Milk Carton Bird Feeder