Sensory Play: Homemade Playdough Recipe

My recipe for homemade playdough.



  • whisk dry ingredients 
  • whisk in wet ingredients, excluding food coloring
  • cook on stovetop for 5 minutes at medium-high heat until dough ball forms
  • divide dough and add food coloring as desired
  • will last for a very long time (due to the salt) if kept in a sealed bag or container



  • for the youngest children, there’s no need to provide tools just experiencing the dough, squishing it between their fingers , pounding it with their hands will be enough
  • to up the sensory experience add glitter or essential oils to the dough
  • these silicone cutting boards are especially good for playdough work
  • when introducing tools, traditional cookie cutters and small rolling pins are great
    • also provide a knife, toothpicks, and scissors to practice fine motor skills
  • encourage your child to mix colors up to see what new hues are created and allow some of their creations to dry to show her what happens when the dough is exposed to air

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