Sewing School: Felt Bunny (Free Template)

After the kids have gone to bed in the evenings I’ve been teaching myself how to machine sew as well as trying to improve my hand sewing as well. I’ve made several pillows, tried a tote bag and altered one of my old maternity tunics into a dress for my eldest daughter but the first sewing project I wanted to share is this sweet felt bunny.

This stuffie (as we call stuffed animals in our house) was inspired by the lunar new year, since my son’s Chinese zodiac animal is the rabbit, I decided to craft this for him. 

Faster if machine sewing but equally easy to do by hand, with just a few supplies a felt bunny is in your future (perhaps something to bookmark for the Easter holiday)



  • download and print template onto legal-size paper and cut out template
  • using template, trace bunny shape onto each piece of felt
  • using fabric scissors, cut out felt bunny pieces
  • machine or hand-sew the two felt bunny pieces together, wrong sides facing out leaving 2 inches unsewn in the belly section
  • turn bunny right-side out
  • sew buttons on for eyes
  • stuff with poly-fil then sew the shut using a blind stitch
  • tie ribbon around bunny neck


  • if you do not have legal paper available, just tape two pieces of letter-sized paper together
  • repeat this process for any animals or objects with distinctive silhouettes
  • don’t have felt handy? substitute an old cotton shirt or even a worn out pair of jeans

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