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Sewing School: Infinity Cowl

What do you get when you sew two long rectangular pieces of fabric back to back? A long tube.

What do you get if you sew the long tube into a loop? A super adorable, reversible infinity cowl.

Here my youngest is modeling her infinity cowl which is cotton butterfly fabric on one side, and a a pink & navy fleece on the reverse.

If you can sew in a straight line, you can sew this. There are a lot of ways to sew this particular cowl but you’ll find here directions for the simplest method, perhaps not the most “invisible” sewing job but a little stitching I think adds to the charm of this neck-warmer.

Cut two contrasting pieces of fabric into long rectangles. The length will vary depending on the size of the wearer’s head. Make sure to leave a little extra length to the fabric for the seams. The width depends on how high you want the fabric to stand up along the wearer’s neck, here too leave a little extra length for seams.

Line up the two pieces of fabric together, bad sides facing outwards. Hand or machine sew the rectangles together along both long sides and one short side using a running stitch

Turn the piece inside out so that the good side of the fabric is now showing. Blind stitch the remaining open end shut.

Align the two short ends and sew them together using a whip stitch .

For added sass, before sewing the two short ends together, turn one end 180 degrees for a mobius cowl.

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