Sewing School: Initial Pillow

If you or your child can sew in a straight line you can make this fun & decorative pillow.

They are so easy and quick to make that I’ve been giving them away to friends and family for birthdays and just because. 

This would be a great baby shower gift or something to make the transition from a crib to a bed a little extra special. Or if you have kids sharing a room, these would also be wonderful to help each child feel a sense of ownership and belonging to their half of the bedroom.



  • Cut felt into desired letter shape and pin to the center of one piece of fabric on the “good” side (i.e. the side you want to be showing once the pillow is complete)
  • Hand sew (running-stitch) or machine sew the felt letter to the fabric
  • Stack the two pieces of fabric so the “bad” sides of the fabric are outward facing, pin together
  • Sew completely around the edges (backstitch if sewing by hand)
  • Cut small slit (2.5in) in the center of the fabric w/o the felt letter, being careful not to pierce the opposing fabric
  • Pull the fabric through the slit turning the pillow inside out, then stuff the pillow with fiberfil through the slit
  • Sew the slit shut (blind stitch) and if desired sew a tab of fabric over the slit to hide it


  • If using a sewing machine, this pillow comes together in less than an hour
  • Make a pillow for each member of the family to display on her/his bed
  • Instead of a single letter, sew a monogram or significant symbol; add fringe, tassels or pompons

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