Shark Mosaic Craft (Free Template)

At some point I was given a small remnant bag of tiny ceramic tiles.

They are the perfect size for little fingers and quite beautifully hued. And I am always looking for ways to incorporate them into a craft.

As I was reading, National Geographic Kids - Everything about Sharks , with the kids I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a multi-media craft using the tiles.

With glue, markers, cuttings from magazines and the tiles my daughter and son were able to create really beautiful shark mosaics.

While they were engrossed in the craft, we further discussed many of the facts we had learned from the book. It was a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the knowledge from the book in a very concrete way.

My son (3yrs old) chose a picture of a tiger shark silhouetted from below.

I traced the outline of the shark on a piece of thin cardboar

d and he went to work gluing tiles and embellishing with markers.

My daughter (6yrs old) drew a whale shark and wrote the name herself. She glued the tiles onto the body of the shark and filled in the spaces between with marker. Then she cut out bubbles and seaweed from magazine clippings and added those to the picture. She finished off with drawings of seaweed and sea creatures.





  • draw the outline of the shark on the cardstock/cardboard or have your child draw the outline herself or download the template I’ve created
  • title the shark
  • provide glue and tiles and have your child glue them inside the outline by dipping the backs of the tiles into the glue
  • for the older child, give her the opportunity to further decorate the shark mosaic with markers and magazine clipping cutouts

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