Thanksgiving Turkey Tophat

Wherever your family may be headed this Thanksgiving, why not arrive in style with a Turkey tophat? The ideal craft to occupy the little ones as you prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Fanciful and fun, pay homage to the sacrificial bird as all eyes will be on your delightful holiday chapeau. Gobble, gobble.

Follow the instructions below or purchase my ready-to-go craft kit .





  • print out turkey template and cut out
    • scotch tape feathers to the back of the turkey body
  • cover the toilet paper roll with construction paper and glue down paper down
  • using a large eyed needle, thread elastic (long enough to go around your child’s head) through one side of the tp roll near an open end back through the opposite side of the roll
    • tie a knot at each end of the elastic
  • using a small bowl, trace two circles onto another piece of construction paper and using the circular end of the tp roll, trace two small circles onto the paper as well
    • cut out all the circles
    • glue the two large circles together creating the brim of the hat, glue the two small circles together creating the top of the hat
  • glue the top of the hat o the top of the tp roll at the opposite end of the threaded elastic
  • cut a small hole in the center of the brim
  • set the tp roll in the center of the brim and thread elastic loop through the hole
  • glue the tp roll to the brim
  • glue the turkey body to the tp roll and rubber band until dry


  • use markers to decorate the brim and hat tube with your own illustrations