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Toilet Paper Roll Craft - Crown

The humble toilet paper roll is a wonderful craft medium. I like the fact that I am reusing something already in my home and it’s the right size for small hands.

For my daughter’s 5th birthday last year I was inspired by several ideas online to make an extra extravagant 5th birthday crown for my daughter.

Her guests also were able to craft crowns to wear at the party and take home as a memento of the celebration.



  • Cut the toilet paper rolls into different heights
  • Scallop the top into various shapes – spikes, squares, half circles, etc.
  • Poke two holes at the base of the roll, thread elastic string through the holes and tie for the chin-strap
  • Set out the crowns with decorating supplies like pens/markers and stickers
  • For the multi-spired crown, simply staple or glue six shorter crowns to a central tall crown
    • After attaching the crowns, shave off a little bit of the bottoms of the crowns to create a curved base so the crown will hug the head of the wearer
    • Poke holes in two opposing short crowns for the elastic.

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