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Valentine's Corsage & Boutonniere (FREE Template)


Give your child an early taste of prom with a beautiful Valentine’s day corsage.

Not feeling the wrist action? Use a safety pin to convert the corsage into a boutonniere.

Either way this will be a pretty way to celebrate a lovely day.


  • floral mesh
  • needle & thread
  • pins
  • green felt
  • pompom
  • ribbon
  • scissors


Cut the floral mesh into 2 4x4 inch squares and cut the ribbon to a 16 inch length. Using this leaf template: valentines-corsage-leaf-templates-junemee.pdf , trace leaf outlines onto green felt, then cut out the leaves.

Thread your needle and knot off the ends together. Place the smaller leaf on top of the larger leaf, and center the ribbon along the long length of the larger leaf (Step 1). Sew all three pieces (ribbon, large leaf & small leaf) together. Turn it over so that the ribbon side is down.

Take one floral mesh square and fold all four corners into the center to create a flower. Don’t worry of it looks a little rough or messy, you are going for a frayed edge look. Pin the mesh flower to the felt where the leaves cross (Step 2). Sew flower down through the felt.

Take the second floral mesh square and fold all four corners into the center to create a second flower and pin the second mesh flower atop the first floral mesh flower (Step 3). Sew flower down through the felt.

Place the pompom into the center of the mesh flower and sew down through the felt (Step 4). Finally, turn your corsage over and tie off the thread (Step 5).

If you would like to turn your corsage into a boutonniere, before tying off your thread, sew a safety pin to the felt