Vintage Tech Craft (Free Templates)

It is amazing how technology changes over time. And what better way to mark change than to introduce your kids to some vintage tech.


  • scissors/x-acto knife
  • heavy cardstock/plain paper
  • cereal boxes & shoes boxes
  • pens
  • templates


  • download templates, print out on heavy cardstock and cut them out
  • for the camera and typewriter cut a slit through the paper along the dotted lines
  • turn two cereal boxes inside out and tape shut, remove life of small shoebox and cover box with paper/paint
  • glue record player/typewriter to cereal boxes, glue camera to shoebox
    • re-cut typewriter/camera slits into boxes
  • download templates for polaroid film, record and typing paper and print onto plain paper, cut out templates
  • present the three vintage appliances to your child
    • Explain how the polaroid camera prints instant photos and show her how to thread the paper through the slit and ask her to “develop” a photo
    • Explain how the typewriter works, threading the paper and punching the keys, then ask her to write in the alphabet on the keys and “type” a letter
    • Explain how the record player plays music by spinning the record, then ask her to write and play her own music

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