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Zoo Passport (Free Download)

San Francisco Zoo My children love to go to the zoo. Our favorite is Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. But we also enjoy the Oakland Zoo and recently visited the San Francisco Zoo .

My children enjoyed getting up close to animals in the children’s zoo section and also had fun at the zoo’s renovated children’s playground which included jungle and arctic themed play structures.

Though we did not have time to ride the carousel, we did brave the very long line for the train which was a treat for my young son but perhaps not worth a twenty minute wait.

In particular, my kids were enamored by the nature trail where docents presented a tortoise, guinea pig, hedgehog, ferret, rabbit and other small creatures. For each animal the docent would give information such as life expectancy in captivity versus the wild and area of the world native to the animal. Then ask for questions from the children.

After returning home, my daughter and son spent the next two hours presenting their stuffed animals and fielding questions.

On our next visit I plan on having my kids fill out a zoo passport.

As we were walking around the zoo, the children were eager to catalog all the animals we were viewing. So with this passport they can keep track of the animals they have seen. I think it will allow the children to work on their recognition and for my daughter it will also give her an opportunity to practice her reading and writing.


  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil/pen


  • download and print out zoo passport file
  • glue the two blank sides of each page together and fold in half
  • bring passport and pen/pencil on your next visit to the zoo



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