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Cinnamon Whisk Thanksgiving Place Setting

Not only does this place setting look festive but it smells amazing as well. This is a craft you or your kids will enjoy creating to make your Thanksgiving table extra special. And you certainly don’t need to limit this craft to a dining setting, this cinnamon whisk would also look lovely on a door, mantle or as part of a tablescape.

Thanksgiving Turkey Tophat

Wherever your family may be headed this Thanksgiving, why not arrive in style with a Turkey tophat? The ideal craft to occupy the little ones as you prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Fanciful and fun, pay homage to the sacrificial bird as all eyes will be on your delightful holiday chapeau. Gobble, gobble.

Rain Storm Costume

I think the forecast predicts a flash rainstorm with a heavy dose of lightning & laughter!

School of Fish Costume

Not feelin’ feline? How about a school of fish for halloween?

Cat Costume

Halloween is almost upon us. And if you are looking for simple & fun costumes here is my first suggestion. The quintessential black cat.

Kids Craft: Shoebox Diorama

A shoebox, paper, glue/scotch tape, crayons/markers/colored pencils, string, scissors and most importantly IMAGINATION create “Sweets Land”. Set out an old shoebox and populate it with one whimsical figure, leave it out for your child to discover and see what papery shenanigans commence.

Sewing School: Blanket Buddy Pocket

Do you have a child that naps at school or daycare? This quick, 5 minute sewing project ensures that a beloved stuffie/lovey will not be separated from your child’s napping blanket.

Tshirt Headband

At the beginning of September, we are flush with new camp tshirts collected over the summer months which often makes last season’s camp shirts redundant or simply out-grown. So why not recycle those tshirts (or any old tshirt) into a pretty headband (bracelet, bow tie, necklace, pony-tail holder, infinity scarf, etc.)

Craft Reality: Sock Bunny

I discovered this cute craft on SweetPaul and gave it a try. It didn’t quite turn out as expected.

Kids Craft: Shell & Bead Necklace

Summertime means beach-combing. What to do with all the treasures we’ve discovered on the sands? With just a little wire and a few beads your child can create an enchanting and whimsical necklace.

Kids Activity: Paint your own Tshirts

A perennial favorite activity for kids of all ages - create your own tshirt. This time around we’re using old-fashioned fabric markers and fabric crayons, though these new crayons have a beautiful oil pastel consistency and application. I love the contrast between the soft edge of the crayon and the hard edges of the marker. Simply follow the instructions on the packages and the kids will be able to wear their creativity.

Stellar Birthday Invitation (Free Template)

Want a sweetly scientific birthday invitation for your child? Here is a free template for an interstellar birthday invite.

Home Decor: Wall Decals

Looking for a temporary way to enliven a space? Wall decals, aren’t just for the nursery any more.

Vintage Tech Craft (Free Templates)

It is amazing how technology changes over time. And what better way to mark change than to introduce your kids to some vintage tech.

Preview of Doodle, Cut & Puzzle Book

50 Homegrown Printable Templates of Doodle prompts * Paper towns * Royalty & Robots * Math Puzzles & Mind Teasers