A Black Swimsuit doesn't need to be boring

Who says a black swimsuit has to be boring? You know I love black because of its slimming properties but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the fun & flirt. Also, it is possible to find a flattering swimsuit at an affordable price. To prove all these points I’ve curated a collection of black suits from that oh so accessible retailer Target.

Target Finds

A Target store recently opened nearby us and I’ve rediscovered the store as a great place to discover cute and affordable home wares, clothing and toys. Here are some items I’ve curated from various departments online.

Movie Recommendation: Ernest & Celestine

This film, Ernest & Celestine, is enchanting. The film was nominated for best animated feature. The watercolor animation is beautiful and the story of an unusual friendship between Ernest the bear and Celestine the mouse is charming and original.

May Ikea Goodies

If you’re picky and patient you can find great stuff at IKEA . Here are some fun finds. Textiles, furniture, organization, kitchen odds & ends.

Obsessed with Heels

Lately I have been obsessed with heels. Chasing three kids around with lots of drop-offs and pick-ups I don’t have many occasions to wear heels but a girl can dream, right?

Movie Recommendation: Far From the Madding Crowd

Far from the Madding Crowd is a beautifully choreographed film with stand-out performances by Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts and Michael Sheen.

Blossom Cup

I thought everyone knew about products like the Blossom Cup and I was late to the game. But a canvas of various wonderful ladies at a moms’ night out meet-up made me realize that even though menstrual cups have been widely available since the 1980s most women are unaware of their existence. (If you are squeamish about Aunt Flo do not proceed.)

Covet, February - $2.99 to $3,500

Covet: yearn to possess / February: second month of the year when I have finally recovered from the winter holidays and have regained my groove/routine enough to daydream and desire from the modest $2.99 concealer to the $3,500 luxury Phuket Thailand resort.

Sci-Fi Movie Recommendation: Edge of Tomorrow

I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise because whenever I watch one of his movies, all I can see is Tom Cruise. And yet in this movie, Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise really really works because it’s Tom Cruise re-imagined as Wile Coyote. And it is so refreshing to see an aggressive, effective and powerful female heroine in Emily Blunt’s character.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for the Pets

We have our hands full at the moment with our three kids so a pet is not in the cards for us at the moment, though our son really wants to have an owl (how very Harry Potter of him) and my husband dreams of hens - apparently we’re a very avian family. That said, for those of you with furry friends (dogs & cats in particular) or friends and family with pets here is a short rundown of some great gifts for the impending holiday season.

Want to earn a cash back rebate on your online shopping?

Want to earn a cash back rebate on your online shopping? And redeem promo codes for even more savings?

Fantasy Movie Recommendation: Willow

I admit, I would recommend Conan the Barbarian (the original) and of course the LoTR trilogy, The Mummy, Hellboy and Ghostbusters. But the movie which still holds an extra-special place in my fantasy-loving heart is Willow.

BearNaked Nail Wipes

Josie Maran’s BearNaked Nail Wipes (a 3-in-1 polish remover, cuticle & nail treatment) are a nail polish removing revelation.

Note Cards for Gifting and Posting

A collection of beautiful note cards for gifting and posting.