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Blossom Cup

Blossom Cup

I thought everyone knew about products like the Blossom Cup and I was late to the game. But a canvas of various wonderful ladies at a moms’ night out meet-up made me realize that even though menstrual cups have been widely available since the 1980s most women are unaware of their existence.

The blossom cup is amazing. It is safe (BPA-free, made of 100% medical grade silicon), reusable (lasts for 15 years) and comfortable to the point of forgetting that it is there. And depending on your flow you can wear the cup for up to 12 hours before emptying. There is a learning curve but I got the hang of it after one cycle, resulting in zero leaks. And there is a money-back guarantee so it is no-risk. 

Do remember though that it may take several cycles to get the hang of the cup and you may need to try a few brands before you find one that fits you the best.

Diva Cup Dutchess Cup Lola Cup Eva Cup Lena Cup

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