Dino-Truck Birthday Party Cake & Cupcake Decorating (Free Templates)

I think both the dump truck and the lego lady truck driver (who was included on the cake at my son’s insistence) are shocked by the dinosaur.

But the dinosaur he’s just on the look-out for the birthday boy. Chomp, chomp.


  • toy dinosaur
  • toy dump truck & caution sign
  • lego figurine
  • lego caution cone
  • crushed chocolate wafers
  • silver cake decorating beads
  • chocolate cake
  • vanilla icing


  • assemble cake and frost
  • place toys on cake top
  • place crushed chocolate wafer crumbs in a cascade down the side of the cake from the back of the dump truck
  • glue the birthday child’s age onto the toy caution sign

What kid can resist decorating delicious cupcakes with “dirt”, “sand”, “gravel”, “putty”, “grass” and “fertilizer”?


  • frosting = putty
  • crushed shortbread cookies = sand
  • silver cake decorating beads = gravel
  • green sprinkles = grass
  • red sprinkles = fertilizer
  • crushed chocolate wafers = dirt
  • knives = scrapers
  • label templates


  • download templates: dino-vehicle-bday-party-cupcake-decorating-signs-junemee.pdf
  • cut out labels and glue onto cups or bowls
    • fill cups/bowls with corresponding ingredients
  • bonus “orange fuel”, “apple gas” and “dairy diesel” labels if you are serving orange juice, apple juice or milk at the party
  • provide cupcakes and turn the kids loose to decorate as they wish
  • and if you have any areas/rooms which you’d like to keep private during the party, included in the pdf is a “danger - this area off limits under construction” sign

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