Grown-up Gorp (Kids Like It Too)

Gorp has two suspected derivations.

The first as an acronym for “good old raisins and peanuts” coined by hikers and backpackers. And as a kid growing up in Seattle I remember referring to trail-mix as gorp.

The second derivation, attributed to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a reference to the verb gorp which means “to eat greedily.”

My version, doesn’t include peanuts (because of an allergy) but will certainly be eaten greedily by hungry adults and kids on the trail or simply for an afternoon snack.



  • Toss handfuls of each ingredient into a bowl
  • Enjoy or store covered


  • substitute any and all ingredients but keep an approximate 1:1 ratio of dried fruit to nuts/seeds
  • if you want to go classic mix peanuts, m&ms and raisins
  • my kids will purposely leave a small covered container in the sun to melt the chocolate
    • then once the chocolate has re-solidified the chocolate pieces will be covered in all the different fruits/seeds/nuts and they eat it like brittle

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