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Kids in the Kitchen: Gear & Tools

Kids, depending on their age, can use most common kitchen tools.

But for the youngest children tools sized for small hands will ease any potential frustrations which may arise when kids want to participate in preparing meals.

Here is a list of all the gear your kids need to become culinary pros in the kitchen. Each and everyone is used in our kitchen by my 6 year old and 3 year old. You may already own many of these items.

Few of these are “kids” tools but regular ol’ kitchen tools sized for children’s hands. Many have multiple uses. For example, use the egg slicer for not only eggs but mushrooms and strawberries. The apple corer also works for pears. And the pastry/pasta wheel works to cut tortillas and lavash.

Armed with this arsenal of gear, you’re kids will be able to participate in preparing meals starting as young as 2 years old.

Learning Tower Kids Safety Stool Mimi the Sardine Apron

Measuring Spoons Mini Mortar & Pestle Wavy Chopper

Ceramic Knives w/ Blade Guards Egg Slicer Grater Mini Colanders Small Rolling Pin


Bamboo Cutting boards Mini Silcone Flipper Mini Ladles Mini Spatula & Spreader Appetizer Tongs

Mini Whisk Palm Brush Pastry & Pasta Wheel Mini Pastry Brush Apple Corer

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