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Kids in the Kitchen: Juicing

Juicing Oranges

One of the easiest and most rewarding ways in which children can participate in preparing their own food is juicing. The holiday break is a great time to bring children into the kitchen with school not in session it’s okay if it meals take a little extra time to make. For kids just starting out, be prepared for messes as well as fun. Both my older children love to squeeze their own orange juice for breakfast. Not only is the end result delicious and healthy but the process teaches patience and focus as well as encouraging hand-eye coordination. It is so gratifying that you may find your child filling cup after cup to pass around the table. This juicer  is simple to assemble and clean and doesn’t require pouring as it sits atop the cup. It may not be ideal for the youngest child but my son at 2.5 was able to manage balancing both the juicer and cup together.

Citrus JuicerCitrus Juicer with Non Skid Silicone Base


  • Enlist your child not only in juicing oranges but lemons and limes for lemonade or limeade or for use in cooking
    • For lemonade or limeade, give your child a dish of sugar and a small pitcher of water to dilute and sweeten the lemon/lime juice
  • Encourage your child to take apart the juicer and wash it under running water and restore
  • For the youngest child these juicers may be more appropriate:

Lemon SqueezerLemon squeezer Progressive citrus juicerProgressive citrus juicer Stainless steel juicerStainless steel juicer

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