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Morning Smoothies: Purple & Green

Juicing comes into and out of fashion and at the moment is seeing a revival. Most critics argue that juicing (pressing) discards the pulp of the vegetables and fruits which eliminates much-needed fiber. Some also ask why juice at home or more importantly pay a premium for store-bought juices when you can simply eat the fruits and vegetables whole and reap all the nutritional benefits? 

For individuals who are not eager to eat fruits or vegetables or perhaps children who have not yet been exposed to many fruits and vegetables, juicing can be a good introduction to these healthy foods. And for busy folks juices can be a fast and highly portable way to load up on these foods.

But rather than juicing, I recommend blending which retains the fiber and minimizes waste in general.

I buy bulk bags of frozen fruit as well as fresh/frozen bags of kale and spinach at Costco, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables which I then divide and combine into two weeks’ worth of daily portions, serving 4, which I freeze in reusable plastic bags. Then all I need to do in the morning is dump the bag into the blender, add liquid and any final fresh ingredients. Using frozen ingredients makes for a particularly cold and refreshing smoothie.

I hand a tall glass to my husband as he walks out the door for work and my kids each have a small covered cup on the ride to school.

need for purple smoothie


  • Add 1/3 cup of blueberries,1/2 banana, handful of baby kale to blender
  • Add a combination of strawberries/blackberries/cherries,/pomegranate arils up to 2/3 cup
  • Add half cup of yogurt
  • Pour in milk (½ cup)
  • Add rolled oats (2 tbsp)
  • Add chia seeds (1 tsp), ground flax (1 tsp), wheat germ (1 tsp), maca root powder (1/2 tsp), cacao powder (1/2 tsp)
  • Blend
    • If air pockets form, turn machine off and stir
    • Adjust liquid for desired consistency

Need for green smoothie


  • Core and quarter pear and rough cut 1/3 English cucumber or ½ regular cucumber or 2-3 Persian cucumbers
  • Halve avocado, remove pit
  • Add pear, cucumber, half of avocado, a small handful of grapes, and one handful of spinach to blender
  • Add half cup of silken tofu
  • Pour in coconut water (½ cup) or Aloe juice
  • Grate ginger into blender
  • Add rolled oats (2 tbsp)
  • Add chia seeds (1 tsp), ground flax (1 tsp), Wheat germ (2 tsp), spirulina (1/2 tsp), bee pollen (1 tsp)
  • Blend
    • If air pockets form, turn machine off and stir
    • Adjust liquid for desired consistency




  • I use a Vitamix which is an investment piece of kitchen equipment but well worth it since I use it multiple times a day
  • I pre-mix a small container of all the “powder”-type ingredients ( Chia seeds Ground Flax Wheat germ Maca root powder Cacao powder )
    • in my desired ratio so that I can just add one scoopful rather than multiple scoops of each individually
  • Mix and match ingredients with whatever is in season, readily available or on sale at your grocery store
  • Adjust liquid for desired consistency
    • I avoid nut/hemp/rice/soy milks which contain carrageenan
    • ​I make sure that I buy the unsweetened plain version of the milk
  • If the smoothie is too bitter or “green” tasting, sweeten with honey or  maple syrup , or reduce the amount of greens