Pirate-Themed Party Food & Decor (Free Templates & Downloads)

What would a pirate-themed birthday party be without a ship?

This year instead of a cake or cupcakes, I decided to do brownie boats with ice cream as the party dessert. For the kids, I simply baked brownies in muffin tins and stuck a 6 pirate flag (skewered on dried spaghetti) into each (free template below). When it came time to serve them, we topped each brownie with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For the birthday girl, who asked for a pirate ship shaped cake. I baked a pan of brownies and then cut the brownies into long strips. The masts and base were made from the sturdier edge pieces while the center and hull were made with softer more malleable center pieces.

Then I simply frosted the bottom edge of the ship with vanilla frosting, first white for froth and then blue for ocean waves. And then I made oversized versions of the smaller sails as a final touch which were poked down in front of each mast.

For the savory menu, I balanced the fresh fruit and vegetables with simple sandwiches (black forest ham with provolone, oven roasted turkey breast with havarti & roast beef with pepper jack cheese on naan bread and french rolls) and sausage kebabs a.k.a. scallywag skewers.

The skewers were sausage, mini sweet peppers and mushrooms. And since the sausage was already cooked through, they just needed 15 minutes on the grill to brown and caramelize the peppers and mushrooms.


I decorated the snack & dessert table with a collection of things around the house.

On the walls

I hung my daughter’s framed favorites list  and draped pieces of fabric I had in my craft closet as a backdrop

On the table

  • I kept the dishes and platters in a cream/white or glass color scheme
  • I printed out drawings of a pirate shp and propped it in clear glass vases filled with river stones and shells
  • I also placed an old ikea lantern and one of our sand hourglasses on the table
  • One of the party activities was a treasure hunt so I placed the treasure maps in tall water glasses at either end of the table
  • I used a wooden wine crate to elevate the brownie ship and repeated the fabric from the wall underneath the cake stand
  • Finally, I cut three branches off one of our blooming pear trees and stood them up in a tall vase
  • I also filled the platters and bowls with: rice rollers, toasted/sweetened coconut flakes, kettle corn, mandarin oranges and a small sampling of the fresh fruit and vegetables








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