Restaurant Review: Rich Table

I don’t often recommend restaurants because most don’t meet my (very very ) high expectations, so you can trust that when I do, that the establishment is special. I first visited Rich Table on a girls’ day out at the suggestion of a close friend and it was a wonderful experience.

Because consistency is a hallmark of a great restaurant, I just revisited the restaurant with my husband and it was just as good as the first time. You need to go taste the delicious, innovative, fresh and expertly prepared food and experience the high caliber customer service & casual cool atmosphere. 

The menu changes daily with some favorites/staples which are always available. I heartily recommend the tasting menu with generous portions and several extra bites included. Is everything off the charts? No, but that in part has to do with personal tastes I think more than anything. Is the food artfully and lovingly prepared and presented? Yes and you can taste that thought and love in the food itself.

Fried chicken madeleines with honey butter, porcini doughnuts w/ raclette cheese dip, chitarra pasta morel mushroom creme fraiche & honey, steak with black garlic, sweet & savory panna cotta, perfectly cooked succulent halibut w/ fava bean, japanese curry umeboshi, amazing douglas fir levain w/ house cultured butter - just to name some of the dishes were loved.

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