Rainbow Cauliflower - 4 ways

It’s been a bit gloomy as of late so how about some colorful cauliflower to brighten your day? Purple, lime, cheddar and classic cream cauliflower to the dark sky rescue. Raw, pickled, roasted or silky smooth - pick your pleasure.


Are you ready for the bananapocalypse? The end of the Cavendish. The second coming of the most commercially popular banana extinction event.

Kitchen Gear: Deep Fryer

For Christmas, my mother (because my kids and husband love fried chicken wings - who doesn’t) gifted us a small deep fryer which has made deep frying so easy that now it has become a weekly occurrence. Fried chicken wings, shoestring fries, classic buttermilk brined fried chicken, tempura sweet potatoes, beer battered fish and onion rings and I suspect next week will bring our first attempt at making doughnuts.

Perfect Bite - Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Radish

Sometimes I stand at the cutting board with a bowl of mellow crunchy radishes, a tub of cream cheese, a piece of hot-smoked salmon belly and chives and munch away. You should too. The combination is a perfect bite. Crisp and crunchy. Creamy and silky. Smoky with a hint of salt & pepper.

Dino-Truck Birthday Party Cake & Cupcake Decorating (Free Templates)

I think both the dump truck and the lego lady truck driver (who was included on the cake at my son’s insistence) are shocked by the dinosaur. But the dinosaur he’s just on the look-out for the birthday boy. Chomp, chomp. And what kid can resist decorating delicious cupcakes with “dirt”, “sand”, “gravel”, “putty”, “grass” and “fertilizer”?

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Kids in the Kitchen: Meatballs

You know it has to be delicious if your kid is willing to spend almost an hour forming over 100 meatballs. Forming meatballs is a great kids in the kitchen activity. My daughter loves forming meatballs because she likes making different shapes to see if there is any difference in taste. This last batch, she made humongous ones, teeny ones and quenelle-shaped ones. Want to know which were the most delicious?

Magic Red Sauce

Can you guess what’s inside this magical red sauce?

Doughnuts Galore

Doughnut recipes for the brave of heart.

Leftover Steak Pizza

One of three ways to enjoy leftover steak.

Baked Potato Soup

Deconstruct a baked potato and reconstruct into a delicious soup.

Kids in the Kitchen: Whole Wheat Banana Muffins Two Ways

Baking muffins is a wonderful cooking activity for children. They come together quickly, allow a child to exercise their fine motor skills in their baking and of course they are delicious.