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Animal Matching Activity (Free Download)

For the young child, matching work is fun and develops recall, recognition and discernment.

In our home, we have several sets of animal figurines.

Here is the safari set and the matching cards in an old salsa and chips tray.



  • Purchase Safari Toob
  • Print out the template, cut out cards and laminate
  • Present the animals in a tray or basket with the cards
  • For the youngest child or a child unfamiliar with this type of work begin with 3-5 animals
  • Show the child how to match an animal with its corresponding card and allow them to work with the materials for as long as they desire
    • Increase the number of animals as the child becomes more comfortable and accurate with the matching

Template Page 1 Template Page 2




  • Create matching cards for other animal sets such as: Coral ReefInsects  and Farm
  • Extend the work beyond animals, In the Sky or Around the World
  • If you have animal books, the child can also match the animals to their images in the books
  • For the older child, the animals can be used for figure drawing practice
  • You will also find that the figurines will be played with in other ways - setting up a zoo or barn or as our son loves to do - animals on parade



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