Beach Impromptu

When I take the kids to the beach, it is a highly planned out affair and since we live less than 20 minutes away from a wonderful beach I’ve got it down to a very efficient routine.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of components to a (simple) trip to the beach.

Pack: bags, beach toys, blanket, ergo, snacks, lunch, water bottles, hot cocoa, tissues, wipes, car potty, jackets, sun hats, sandals, sunscreen, towels, wetsuits, 3 kids. Arrive early for good parking, walk 0.2m with 3 kids to beach, find best spot, set up camp. Play, walk, beach comb, eat, take potty breaks, visit the lagoon.

Sometimes, you just want to go to the beach and that’s exactly what my youngest and I did today. No packing, no planning, just dropped off the big sibs and went to the beach.

 We didn’t stay long but it was restorative to smell the sea air, to feel the sand between our toes, to collect sea glass and shells into our pockets, to run away from the creeping waves. 

It was lovely. I need to remind myself that spontaneous moments are just as special and necessary to a fulfilled life as those which are planned out in advance. Like my daughter’s hoodie says, explore and do so as much and as often as you can both with forethought and by happy accident. 

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