Building & Imagining with Magnatiles

At $120 for a set of 100, Magnatiles are not cheap by any means, however, they are worth it. You may have seen magnatiles at your local children’s museum or pediatrician’s office. They are a regular feature at the Bay Area Discover Museum near our home and the perfect educational toy to have in a children’s waiting room.

My kids starting at one years old have enjoyed playing with these magnetic construction tiles. They are useful for color recognition and sorting as well as for studying geometric shapes, both simple and complex, in 2D and 3D. The tiles being translucent are appropriate for use with a light table. And given that they are magnetic can also be used against metal surfaces like refrigerators, metal white boards or even a simple metal sheet pan.

My 6 year old enjoys manipulating the tiles into ever more complex geometric configurations. My 3 year old likes to engineer buildings for his animal figurines and vehicles. My 1 year old is just discovering how to stick them together into simple shapes. And even after 5 years of constant use, they are still holding up very well. With two children working with the tiles they can be used up rather quickly, so this year a second set will be on the Christmas wishlist especially now that my third will be joining in on the fun.

Magnatiles Set of 100 Figure 1 Mangatiles Set of 100 Figure 2 Magnatiles Set of 100 Figure 3

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