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Cameras in Small Hands

We recently took a trip to the San Francisco Zoo . As we have been doing for the past few years, our eldest two kids (8 & 5 years old) brought along a camera and a camcorder.

These are perhaps the “best” images of the bunch but the process of taking the photos and videos is more important than the end results.

They are training their artistic eye, practicing their focus and concentration and learning by trial and error how to manipulate these devices.

It was so fun watching the kids move from exhibit to exhibit and show genuine excitement at the prospect of capturing their experience through the lens.

I don’t suggest having your child bring a camera everywhere or on every outing but allowing them the opportunity to be responsible for such a device and use it is so every empowering.

My son uses an old canon powershot camera and my daughter inherited an digital camcorder from her grandfather. My youngest who is 2 is already playing with an extra coolpix camera handed down from her grandmother. So no need to have expensive equipment. And something fun to throw into the mix every once and a while is an instant-camera .

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