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Celebration - A Beachy 3rd Birthday Party

So we were supposed to have my daughter’s 3rd birthday at the beach but because of horrible traffic delays and a mudslide detour we decided to bring the beach to us and celebrate her birthday at home.

My daughter’s crown was made from a combinations of paper-printed shells which I watercolored and then over-traced with sharpie. I glued the shells onto a paper band.

We kept the decor minimal. Just watercolor strings of 3’s which I strung from the ceiling with white thread. I printed out two sheets of varying sized numeral 3s and then watercolor washed both the front and back of the cardstock. After allowing the paper to dry, I cut the 3s out and threaded them together in a variety of combinations. 

The cake was constructed with one 9 inch round, many cupcakes and a few donut cakes (cake batter baked in a donut pan). I dyed the frosting in two shades of blue for the waves. Crushed gingersnaps served as sand and cocoa batons as tree trunks. Paper palm fronds, paper parasols and a few strategically placed beach-themed stickers rounded out the archipelago.

In order to honor my daughter’s love of the ocean, though I had originally thought to give the party guests sand toys, I decided that rather than add even more plastic to the world, I should try to reuse, re-purpose and recycle. So the kids and I washi-taped (and modge-podged) tea tins and jewelry gift boxes to create pencil holders and catchall trays which we then gifted in compostable take-out containers with an extra set of washi tape to encourage our guests to re-purpose something in their own house.

Outside in the garden we filled the kiddie pool with water and the sand table with sand. We played with the parachute and much fun was had by all.

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