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Flower Arranging

Garden Flower ArrangementFlowers gathered from our garden and arranged by the kids (ages 1.5 & 4)

One of the great pleasures of having a garden with flowering plants is to bring those flowers into the home. Often I will encourage my children to pick flowers from the garden and then arrange them in one of our small vases or cups. The results are usually sweet and whimsical. For celebrations and get-together, I will often buy several bunches of flowers from Trader Joes and make arrangements to place around the house. After a few days, I will remove the flowers, refresh the water and cut the stems, discarding wilted blooms and perhaps downsizing or consolidating the arrangements, when I do this I will set aside some for the children.

Flower arranging setup

I try to make the presentation of the flower arranging work attractive and orderly. This will include a pitcher for water, the flowers, a vase and scissors. The end result may sometimes be a little haphazard or wonky but nevertheless still beautiful. And the sense

of accomplishment radiating from the child makes the bouquet even more precious.

Floral arrangement, kid exampleFlower arrangement by my 2.5 yr old son

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