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HedBanz & Labyrinth Board Games Review

Hedbanz board game This year for my daughter’s birthday her wishlist was full of board games.

Hedbanz , which is for ages 7+ is a simple concept and is something you could replicate if you had flashcards, an hourglass and coins/token. 

A player, asking yes/no questions of the other players, tries to figure out what is on the card tucked into their headband.

My 6 year old daughter understands the game completely and enjoys the challenge. And my 3 year old son also plays along, though he usually gets a little help. Even my husband and I enjoy playing along.

The game is great because you can make it as short or drawn out as you want by doing one round or many. It inspires critical thinking. And it encourages recall and categorization. 

There are also other editions: Disney Hedbanz , ​Hedbanz Act Up, and Adult Hedbanz

Ravensburger Labyrinth Board Game A second board game we received is the well-reviewed Ravensburger Laybrinth .

This is truly an ingenious game. And though listed for 8+ years old, my daughter (6) was able to grasp the concepts after a couple rounds and though she is still working on the most rudimentary level of the game it is still really fun for her (and me too).

Certain cards on the playing board are stationary but other cards are loose and hence you create with each turn a shifting labyrinth as you search for your treasure.

Directionality, spatial reasoning, multi-step thinking are all crucial to and developed through the game.

It is challenging for my daughter and challenging for me and so again a board game which will grow with our children and be enjoyable for the entire family for years to come.

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