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How the Kids Contribute to Household Responsibilities

We don’t call them chores in our house but the children do have age-appropriate household responsibilities as members of the family.

There are several areas in which my two older children (6yrs & 3 yrs) participate in keeping the household running smoothly.


  • fold napkins, cloths and towels and put them in appropriate kitchen drawers
  • fold their own underwear and put those away in their closet
  • the rest of their clothes on hangers which are then hung on their respective rods in their shared closet
  • place dirty clothes in their bin and then dump bin into hamper


  • prepare ingredients for cooking, such as washing, cutting/chopping fruits & vegetables
  • make pasta, scrambled eggs, french toast, pizza (from turning out the dough to saucing & placing toppings)
  • shell pumpkins & pomegranates
  • bake cookies, turnovers, muffins & cakes

Kitchen & Dining

  • load and unload the dishwasher and place dishes in their drawer
  • set the table for meals
  • bus their plates, cups and utensils at the end of meals
  • wash their own dishes when appropriate
  • wipe down countertops

CLEANING & Organizing

  • swiffering or vacuuming the floors
  • washing the windows
  • putting away their work & toys
  • dusting and wiping down furniture
  • watering their plants
  • cleaning up their own spills
  • bringing in the mail
  • making their beds
  • making flower arrangements to beautify the home


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