How to encourage your children to clean up their toys


As a general rule our children are not allowed to bring out a toy or an activity without first putting away the previous work in which they were engaged. Part of the responsibility of having a toy is returning it to its home. However this only happens about 70% of the time. So at the end of some days, fifteen minutes before dinner, we let the kids know that the big blue bucket will soon be making its rounds. Anything left out and not properly stowed will be placed into the bucket and removed to the garage and not be available for the rest of the week. This is a concrete way to show the positive and negative consequences of their decision-making. We’ve been doing this ritual for the past several months and as of yet, nothing has made its way to the garage yet.

And when the tubtrug isn’t engaged in toy duty, it’s also handy around the house for many other things such as harvesting vegetables, carrying laundry, holding ice and beverages for parties, etc.


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