Kids Activity: Keeping a Journal

  • I wish I coude Fly
  • It Seems fun to Be a Berd and Fly In the Sky
  • I wish I coude Fly
  • not like in an airplane not in in a Hot air Balloon
  • like I have wings that Flap in the Sky
  • I wish I coude Fly
  • My Brain is soft and wrinkly
  • It is wet and gray and Helps me think.
  • your brain is an organ and.
  • your Brain stors all your thouts and memorys

~ Excerpts from my first grade daughter’s Thinking Journal from school

There is so much value in writing down one’s thoughts and for a child (as well as an adult) journaling has both immediate benefits and life-long rewards. For the young child, journaling strengthens her writing skills, comprehension, self-actualization, and memory retention. Journaling can be creative, imaginative, fact or happening-based. There can be doodles and drawings as well as writing, scrap-booking and memento-keeping too. Journaling signals to the child that her life is worth writing about, worth cherishing, worth self-evaluation. It can document progress as well as failure - both to positive results. And what a precious and one-of-a-kind gift the journals will be to her older self.

Summer Break Journal - July 2: We went to the Beach and we found lots of tiny crabs and Snails and even an tiny eel and we Played. and we splashed around and I colected Shells then we got home and I had some Juicy Grape Fruit. then we had Dinner at a Buffey and the food was very yummy then we had BreackFest and we goed to the Libreary and I got my own Libreary card…

A journal can be a simple notebook (lined or unlined) or something a little fancier. Armed with a pen/pencil and journal your child is on her way to recording her journey of self-discovery and world exploration.

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