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Montessori Shelves

Both my husband and I attended Montessori schools for preschool and we have chosen to send our children to a montessori school for their preschool education. Much of montessori philosophy permeates our home-life.

One of the most vivid and differentiating aspects of the montessori experience is the layout of the classroom and in particular how the materials and “work” are arranged on shelves. The following two pictures are from my son’s primary classroom.

Montessori classroom shelf

Order and organization, accessibility and beauty are hallmarks of the classroom.

Though each classroom directress has her own style, the presentation is consistent. The materials are within arms’ reach of the child and usually contained in a child-sized box, basket or tray so that the child can bring the work to a table and back again.

Montessori classroom shelf

Curiosity and anticipation are piqued by the work on display and children can differentiation between areas of the classroom (practical life, writing, reading, science, etc.) based on the materials on the shelves. Every activity has a purpose. Inspired by the shelves in my daughter and son’s classrooms, I recreated a similar presentation in our home.

Home shelves


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